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100PB Parallel Bar Mesh
100PB Parallel Bar Mesh

Mesh Specifications
Mesh (lines/inch) 100
Pitch µm 250
Bar Width µm 65
Hole Width µm 185
Rim Specifications
Rim width (mm) 0.225
Centre Mark Reverse Arrow
Rim Mark No
Each Vial 100 Grids

(100/vial)SPI #Each10+30+In Stock
Copper2430C-XA$22.90$20.61$19.47 Add to cartYes
Nickel2430N-XA *13.5012.1511.48 Add to cartYes
Gold2430G-XA *13.5012.1511.48 Add to cartYes
Pd on Copper2430P-XA *13.5012.1511.48 Add to cartYes
Gilded Copper2430GC-XA *13.5012.1511.48 Add to cartYes
Gilded Nickel**2430GN-XA *13.5012.1511.48 Add to cartYes

* Available while supplies last
** Gilded = Au Plated