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GC=Gold Plated Copper
GN=Gold Plated Nickel

Maximum grid "square" rectangular length available from any grid

Gold plated copper and gold plated nickel grids for inertness of gold, but for a much lower price.

50P Ám Parallel 50P Parallel 50PB Ám Parallel 50PB Parallel
75P Ám Parallel 75P Parallel 75PB Ám Parallel 75PB Parallel
100P Ám Parallel 100P Parallel 100PB Ám Parallel 100PB Parallel
150P Ám Parallel 150P Parallel 150PB Ám Parallel 150PB Parallel
200P Ám Parallel 200P Parallel 200PB Ám Parallel 200PB Parallel
300P Ám Parallel 300P Parallel 300PB Ám Parallel 300PB Parallel
400P Ám Parallel 400P Parallel 400PB Ám Parallel 400PB Parallel
75/300 Combination Mesh 75/300 Combination Mesh 100/400 Combination Mesh 100/400 Combination Mesh