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The production of TEM grids for many years was "concentrated" in the UK. This should not be any profound surprise since it is a natural consequence of researchers being at the forefront of electron microscopy almost from the very beginning, when electron microscopes first started to be made commercially. One of the first of these grid manufacturing companies, and one of the most successful, was Graticules Ltd starting in 1960. Another early maker of grids was Prof. Rosenberg at Cambridge University who later moved to Toronto and set up the well known grid manufacturing facility operating to this day under the Micron name.

With the passing of years, and as Graticules Ltd. became more and more successful in the grid manufacturing business, they acquired the grid making plant of the Netherlands-based firm, Brandsma, which offered their grids under the EMBRA name.

One might wonder why the world needs so many different brands of grids. Actually, grids seem to be almost like different fine wines: All fundamentally do the same thing but some are clearly "better" than others. And just like with the judgment of a fine wine, "quality" can be in the eyes of the beholder. We have customers who would swear by the SPI Supplies brand of grids, but we have other customers who swear by the Graticules, Maxtaform, EMBRA and Pyser-SGI brands of grids. The Maxtaform grids are especially known for their ultra high definition index (finder) grids.

Bulk Purchase™ Grids:

SPI Supplies will now offer a new line of Pyser-SGI grids, Bulk Purchase, using a new and more efficient manufacturing methodology. These are excellent grids and are offered only in bulk packaging of 100 vials each and at very attractive pricing. Now we know that the pricing is attractive but in order to make the bulk purchase option even more attractive, each vial will contain 120 grids instead of the industry standard of 100 (gold grids are supplied in vials of 60). We want to stress that these are not the "standard orthogonal" grids in different packaging, but an entirely new type of grid taking advantage of the newest technology that results in a lower cost of production, the benefits of which are passed on to our customers by way of lower prices.

Available Products:

Standard Orthogonal
150 Mesh 150 Mesh
200 Mesh 200 Mesh
300 Mesh 300 Mesh
400 Mesh 400 Mesh

Index Grids (also called "Finder" Grids):
H2 Finder H2 Finder
H6 Finder H6 Finder
H7 Finder H7 Finder

Slot Grids:
2x0.980 2x0.980
HF49 HF49