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BEEM® Brand of TEM Grid Storage Boxes

BEEM® is world wide known for their TEM grid storage boxes



The BEEM® brand of grid storage boxes is known worldwide for their high quality and durability. Both feature the easy-to-use "dial" designed. Both are precision molded plastic and are designed for easy and smooth turning, and with virtually nil static electric charge being created when turning of the dial. If boxes with a larger grid capacity are desired, we would recommend the SPI Slide-A-Grid™ or Twist-A-Grid™ boxes, each holding 100 and 50 grids respectively.

BEEM® Dial-A-Grid™ Holder

Exclusive dial feature exposes only one grid at a time. Double cover construction for dust-proof protection. The turning top cover has excellent optical clarify making for easy insertion or removal of the individual grids using high quality tweezers.

Holds 24 grids

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02370-AB$ 6.36 Add to cartYes
Pack of 10 boxes02370-BA  57.30 Add to cartYes

BEEM® Dial-A-Grid™ and Block Holder

Like the Dial-A-Grid Holder, above, but with the addition of two numbered cavities for holding finished plastic blocks. The clear see-through plastic twisting disc protects each grid from other wise unnecessary dust exposure.

24 grids and 2 blocks

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02360-AB$ 6.36 Add to cartYes
Pack of 10 boxes02360-BA  57.30 Add to cartYes

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