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The difficult-to-find components needed for flame annealing of gold (111) mica substrates



Flamed gold (111) mica substrates have a number of applications in a large portion of AFM laboratories. Unfortunately, their shelf life is very short since they tend to contaminate quickly no matter how hard one tries to protect them and keep this from happening.

SPI Supplies attempts to ship only fresh substrates and when purchased from SPI Supplies, because of our high turnover, you are guaranteed to receive fresh uncontaminated substrates. But not everyone in the world is able to purchase fresh substrates (e.g. sitting on the shelf of a distributor) or the substrates might sit for longer than anticipated in their own laboratory. But if one is set up to re-flame their substrates, they can "bring them back to life" and remove the contamination that would otherwise render them useless. There is a point in time, however, after several months of storage, when no amount of flame annealing will restore the surface of the substrate to "fresh" condition.

If the surface is rough because the underlying substrate is rough, then no amount of annealing is going to help you. If it is rough because of foreign material or oxides (unlikely on a freshly made substrate), then the hydrogen anneal should help. If it is rough because of locally uneven rates of deposition, the hydrogen anneal is unlikely to help. The idea of hydrogen annealing is to clean the surface and encourage the formation of large crystals in the thin film; it is not a "reflowing" process which will even out irregularities in deposition.

Easy to follow instructions are given for doing the flaming. The materials needed for the flaming are common laboratory items except for the items offered in the SPI Supplies Brand Flame Annealing Kit.

Flame Annealing Kit
Supplied by user:
Hydrogen tank, gas regulator, flame arrestor and tubing.

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