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New Filaments (and Retipped)

SPI Supplies is pleased to offer filaments, brand new, usually the original product from the manufacturer but still at attractive prices. However, if the new filaments carry the SPI Supplies name instead of the name of the original manufacturer, you can be sure that SPI guarantees equivalence in performance or else a full refund is immediately made upon the return of the unused box. In all the years that we have been offering new filaments, including some under the SPI name, we have almost never been asked to take back filaments because the performance of the filaments was below the customer's expectations.

We are often times asked about "expected filament lifetimes" and that is a hard question to answer. Quite a bit is already known as to the factors that influence filament lifetimes; be sure you are aware of how you can get the maximum lifetime out of your tungsten filaments, be they new or retipped. In addition, the quality of the cleaning of the wehnelt cap when changing a filament can be, at least in some instruments, the single most critical factor affecting filament life times.

Box of 10
In StockFilaments Styles
LEO/LEICA/CAMBRIDGE/AEI5201N-BA$ 259.50 Add to cartNo
(All except 1200)
5204N-BA$ 441.15 Add to cartYes
FEI and FEI-Philips
(All Models)
5247N-BA$ 635.78 Add to cartYes
Topcon/ISI 2-pin5230N-BA$ 577.39 Add to cartYes
Topcon/ISI 3-pin5232N-BA$ 577.39 Add to cartNo
JEOL "GC" Type
(JSM-U3, JSM-2, JSM 35)
5237N-BA$ 450.08 Add to cartYes Photo not available
JEOL "K" Type (PK 6)5235N-AG$ 454.13 Add to cartYes
Philips (S loop)5246N-BA$ 441.15 Add to cartYes
5258N-BA$ 804.45 Add to cartYes

Retipped Filaments

SPI is also able to save our customer large amounts of money by retipping used filaments. You, the customer, supply the bases and container and we will return them, all retipped, ready to use, typically for cost savings of roughly 50% (or more) off the price for new filaments.

Therefore the full range of electron microscope filaments is available "retipped" as well as new. Despite the fact that there are numerous different electron microscope models, and different geometries to the filament bases, we have organized the selection process to make it easy to determine the cost of retipping any particular style of filament.

Some instruments are reported to run even better with a "pointed" filament (e.g. pointed loop) because of a greater coherency of the beam, leading to better contrast and resolution.

All SPI retipped filaments are constructed with a special-alloy tungsten wire, 3% rhenium doped and are formed in high-precision fixtures. These filaments are fully annealed, precision aligned and strain-free. Microscopic inspection assures consistent quality and performance. New Filaments, both new and retipped, come 10 to a box and are easy to see and retrieve from the special protective packaging. However, before retipping, the base is sandblasted and other wise cleaned and returned almost to its clean and pristine condition as when it was new. Filaments shipped in special container at extra cost if one is not supplied by customer.

Some of our customers have accumulated large quantities of filaments bases (e.g. burned out filaments). We say "there is gold in those bases". Return ten boxes and you will received one free box retipped and returned to you freight prepaid any where in the world. Just be sure that each box worth of filaments is returned in its "box", and not just loose.

Note: We reserve the right to limit this offer to keep our over stock in balance. Be sure to contact SPI first, before returning anything.
Be sure to get a valid Return Authorization number.

REBUILT FILAMENTSSPI #EachIn StockFilaments Styles
Cambridge S series
5201RB-AB $ 29.63 Add to cart Yes
5201RB-BA * (Pk 10) $ 104.04 Add to cart Yes
AMRAY (All Models except 1200)5204RB-AB $ 38.25 Add to cart Yes
AMRAY 1200/SIEMENS5206RB-AB$ 103.91 Add to cartNo
ARL 4 mil wire5209RB-AB$ 46.68 Add to cartNo
ARL 5 mil wire5210RB-AB$ 46.68 Add to cartNo
Cameca5220RB-AB$ 48.90 Add to cartNo
FEI and FEI-Philips
(All Models)
5247RB-AB$ 56.12 Add to cartYes
ETEC5226RB-AB$ 66.68 Add to cartNo
Hitachi-S5229RB-AB$ 55.57 Add to cartNo
Topcon/ISI 2-pin (each)5230RB-AB$ 49.45 Add to cartNo
Topcon/ISI 3-pin5232RB-AB$ 49.45 Add to cartNo
JEOL "K" Type 5235RB-AB $ 39.13 Add to cart Yes
JEOL JSM GC 5237RB-AB * $ 67.71 Add to cart No
5237RB-BC (Pk 12) $ 104.04 Add to cart Yes
Philips (S LOOP) 5246RB-AB $ 37.78 Add to cart No Photo not available
5246RB-BA * (Pk 10) $ 104.04 Add to cart Yes
5258RB-AB $ 70.58 Add to cart Yes

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