Appearance: White to cream colored, odorless non-ionic powder.
CAS #: 9003-39-8

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) to some is thought of as being a "miracle" polymer because it has so many almost amazing applications. In filtration science, it is known most widely as a treatment for membrane filters to make them more wettable to enhance filtration kinetics. In the microscopy and histology laboratory it is also used as an osmotic adjustor for certain resin systems such as LR Gold. To those working in the cosmetics and toiletries industry, PVP is often times the polymer that gives a hair spray product it desired characteristics, the polymer has a tendency not only to want to coat the hair, but it also tends to be attracted to keratin, and when rinsed, it tends to want to "stick" to the hair. Since it does exhibit some mount of conductivity, when hair is combed, the static charge is carried away, and especially those with long hair don't have as great of a tendency to get the "frizzies". However, don't try to make your own conditioning shampoos with the SPI-Chem PVP because what is used in the cosmetics industry is a hydrolyzed form of PVP.

And these characteristics sometimes also have application in electro static discharge (ESD) control since a surface can be easily treated (by dipping into an aqueous solution of the polymer) and rendered at least to some degree, surface conductive. UV curing the treated surface tends to make it even more wetable but some times the electrical conductivity properties are reduced (as reported to us by those who have used PVP).


Stabilizing agent for glucose tests. Encapsulation & controlled release agent. Binder, stabilizer, protective colloid, and is an excellent film former.



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Storage conditions: Room temperature