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A few words about reshipping "Dangerous Goods" to another destination



Hazardous materials (HAZMATS) are tightly regulated in most jurisdictions. The proper term is "Dangerous Goods", but "HAZMATS" is frequently used. Do not attempt to ship to some other location, either within or outside of your jurisdiction (or country) any HAZMAT items unless of course your are legally qualified to make such shipments in the country of origin of the shipment. Our intent in not to be telling anyone what they should or should not be doing but only to provide the information that some SPI-Chem products are indeed HAZMATS and as such, they must be given special consideration when being shipped.

You should also be aware of both the importance and significance of the "UN" number that is assigned to each and every HAZMAT. In other words, each HAZMAT has a unique UN number a and statement of the UN number uniquely identifies the HAZMAT. And for international shipments (e.g. across national boundaries) you must be in compliance with all IATA regulations.

Exactly which laws and regulations would apply to a particular shipment depend on whether it is "domestic" (within a particular shipping jurisdiction) or "international" (from one jurisdiction to another).

For international shipments (e.g. across national boundaries), you must be in compliance with all IATA regulations. For domestic shipments (e.g. within your own country), the laws of your country apply. For example, in the USA, it is the US Dept. of Transportation (DOT) that drafts up and enforces the regulations. Remember that some HAZMAT items can be shipped to you from SPI using one of several permits/exemptions held by SPI. These exemptions/permits are not transferable to third parties even if the parcel is completely unopened. This means that in the event a HAZMAT has to be returned to SPI for any reason, be sure to contact SPI at once for special return instructions. We will provide a Return Authorization (RA) number along with special shipping instructions. For example, just because we might have made a shipment to you by UPS does not mean that you could make the shipment back to us by UPS, it might have to go some other way.

For any other shipments of a HAZMAT, such as from a distributor to an end user, be sure to check with your local shipping authorities as to the correct method and any other local requirements for affecting the shipment. The fines and penalties are quite severe generally and can be unbelievably severe in some countries.

One final note:
Whatever you do, please do not ever even think about carrying a HAZMAT concealed in checked passenger luggage on a commercial air craft. The penalties can in some instances include imprisonment as well as very stiff fines, upward of $10,000. And you would be endangering the lives of not only yourself, but all the others on the flight. So that is why we say, don't even think about it.

It is also the policy of SPI to not ship any SPI products to residential addresses out of concern the parcel could fall into the hands of children. Similarly we will not ship any HAZMATS to hotels for customer pickup because of the likelihood that the recipient would be returning by air and in that way we would be a willing participant in an act that would be illegal. SPI will ship orders for hotel pick up provided they do not contain any HAZMATS and if all other conditions (e.g. payment) have been met. If you are at all unclear on these policies, ask us!

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