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For the beginner, the first and obvious question, no matter how it is eventually asked is this: Which embedding approach is right for me?

Actually, there is a sequence of questions one could be asking, the answers to which ultimately will tend to indicate one or several embedding kits over others. But in this area there is no such thing as one kit being "better" than all the others, it is a matter of what it is you want to be doing and then, the selection is based on that set of answers.

Here is a short list of the main considerations:

For additional guidance on just what embedding system would be best for you, especially for biological tissue embedding, we would recommend highly the book, "Biological Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy". In addition, since the cured resin will be going inside the vacuum of the microscope, which could be either a TEM or SEM, one should always keep in mind the potential to contaminate the column with off-gassing resin blocks.

Tissue Embedding for Histology

Cryostat Embedding Media

Metallography Applications