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Cryo-Gel™ High Viscosity Water Soluble Media for Frozen Sections

Get rid of the mess of "runny" embedding media!



Cryo-Gel™ is a highly viscous embedding medium for frozen sections that will "stay put" and not "run" when dispensed onto a block holder (e.g. the specimen stage). The gel is packaged in a unique pump dispenser bottle that can dispense Cryo-Gel in literally any position. One full pump stroke will dispense approximately 2.5 ml. For most specimens, between 1/4 and 1/2 stroke is generally sufficient. The diameter of the dispensed gel on the block holder should be the size of a pea (approximately 1 cm diameter) depending on the size of the specimen being mounted.

Cryo-Gel is biodegradable and completely water soluble. The freezing point of the gel is that of water, namely 0° C. It is not necessary to spread the gel on the block holder.

After dispensing the gel, the bottle is held in place and the pump is released. The dispenser has a built-in "guillotine" that will cleanly sever the gel from the pump spout, preventing any "stringy" medium residue from pulling away from the gel when the bottle is removed. For optimum results easy to follow instructions are printed on the bottle label.

Product is packaged in a 4.3 oz (128 ml) plastic bottle and is sold either individually or in cases of 12 bottles.

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Storage conditions: Room temperature
Cryo-Gel™ is not hazardous from the standpoint of shipping.

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