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Gold on Magnetic Tape SEM Test Specimen

The SPI Supplies Brand Gold on Magnetic Tape Sample is a fast and efficient way to check instrumental performance.


SPI Supplies Brand Gold on Magnetic Tape Test Specimen.
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The SPI Supplies® Brand Gold on Magnetic Tape SEM test specimen offers a convenient way for the busy laboratory to take a single micrograph on a daily basis, to validate the level of performance of their instrument.

The final image is the type that almost does not require any quantitative measurements, an "eye ball" level examination against the "control" image, that is, the image possible when the SEM is known to be operating at peak performance, is all that is usually needed. Or compare you image with the images shown on this page.

Another relatively inexpensive and easy to use product is the SPI Supplies® Brand Aluminum-Tungsten Image Performance Checker sample. The unique eutectic structure offers sharp edges and high contrast between the two phases.

This SPI Supplies Brand Gold on Magnetic Tape SEM test specimen is available on two different types of sample mounts. Other mounts are available upon special request.

3/8"x3/8" roundA1423-20-AB$ ---- Add to cart
Table dia.: 12.7mm
Pin dia.: 3.2mm - Pin length: 8.0mm
A1423-02$ 198.51 Add to cart

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