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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) Supplies

We feature the SPI Supplies® Brand of scanning probe microscope (SPM) supplies and consumables



AFM and STM Supplies and Consumables:
For many years, SPI Supplies has been the premier source for those hard-to-find supplies and consumables used in all AFM, STM, and laboratories utilizing other scanning probe microscope techniques. Users of SPM equipment learned early on that many of the same supplies and other items needed for mounting and manipulating samples for electron microscopy were also the ideal solution for similar problems involving samples being examined by one of the scanning probe methods. So whether your are using an atomic force microscope, or scanning tunneling microscope, or some other form of scanning probe microscopy, you will find all that you need right here in one place!

Special mention about probe tips:
SPI Supplies offers the top of the line AFM probe tips but for reasonable prices. They are produced in "Silicon Valley" in California and just like the superb fine wines for which California is also famous, and the production techniques reflect the very latest cutting edge methods that are used in the famous chip manufacturing facilities, literally, just down the street. We have not tried to produce the very cheapest probe tips (for sure there are cheaper probe tips that can be purchased) but one would be hard pressed to find probe tips of this quality. And the difference in price between the ones offered by SPI Supplies and the very cheapest is truly not very much. Our customer typically comment about how pleased they are that they get such a high percent of "useable" tips, often times, 100%. This has not been their experience generally with our vendor choices.

We will be adding other probe tips, but all will be USA manufactured, using the very latest production technology and generally not readily available elsewhere. Watch these pages as we expand this part of our product line. We are very proud of the unique characteristics of these Made-in-USA products that are not found in the products from other sources.

We know this list is not all-inclusive, it is still growing. Let us know what you would like to see on next on this page and hopefully before the passing of too much time, your wish could come true........

For picking up small samples, you can rely on the extensive selection of high quality and high precision tweezers made exclusively in Switzerland.

Probe Tips
AFM Supplies and STM Supplies
AFM Probe Tips (based on silicon)

Calibration Samples
SPM Calibrator
Guide to Magnification Calibration
Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite
Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG) for Lattice Imaging of a Known Dimension

Adhesive Discs
AFM Discs and STM Discs
Conductive Carbon Filled
AFM Supplies - Adhesive Discs
Non-Conductive for AFM applications

Consumables for AFM, STM, and Other SPM Techniques
HOPG Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphic for AFM and STM
Glassy Carbon Substrates
AFM probe tips
Gold (111) atomically flat substrates for research and calibration for AFM and STM applications
Gold coated silicon chips for AFM applications
Gold coated silicon chip substrates
HOPG and AFM Supplies
HOPG (Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite) Substrate Materials

MoS2 substrates for AFM
MoS2(Molybdenum disulfide) SPI Supplies®
AFM stainless steel disks
Mounting Discs for AFM
Precious metal wires for SPM tips
Platinum/Iridium Wire, 8 mils (0.20 mm)
AFM substrates - mica
SPI Supplies® Brand High Quality Mica Substrate Material
AFM substrates - silicon chips
SPI Supplies® Brand Silicon Chips (Die) Sample Substrates

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